Helpful Hints for Finding a Russian Bride Pg. 1

Helpful Hints for Finding a Russian Bride
(Written by a Man for Men)
By John C. Fisher
©2008 by John C. Fisher

A True Account of my Personal Experiences in Russia and with Russian Women

This is not meant to be an all-inclusive guide on how to find a Russian bride, nor is it meant to be the protect-all guide to help someone from being scammed.  If you listen to my advice, and use some common sense, you will be able to protect yourself from the many scam artists that are out there.  I know, because my own story begins with correspondence with a lady who was attempting to run a scam.  Fortunately for me, I found someone to point me in the direction of doing things the right way before I sent money that I would never see again to a Russian scammer.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are looking for a Russian Bride, you WILL spend money and you WILL spend A LOT of money if you want to do it right.  There are no easy shortcuts, because if you are serious in your quest you will NEED to travel to Russia, and you will most likely need to travel there more than once. (Probably at LEAST twice, and possibly three times)  You might need to travel more than once just to meet the right woman, no matter how good she sounds when she is writing to you.  Writing and a personal meeting are two totally different animals.

Your travels may take you to different parts of Russia than the parts that I have been in, but the basic rules are still the same.  So, let me first tell you, I think that 90% or more of the websites on the Internet that are advertising Russian Brides are scams and they have never actually seen or talked to any of the ladies whose pictures are on their websites.  There are AT LEAST three reputable agencies in Russia that have website on the Internet.  I know this because 1.  I have personally met the owner and at least two of the ladies from one of those agencies. I have met multiple ladies from another one of the agencies, and I have met my own fiance’ from the third agency. 2.  I have personally met interpreters from all three agencies.  3.  I have personally met the manager and director at the third agency. Later in this pamphlet, I will give you the website addresses of those three known reputable agencies.

Before I explain to you WHAT to do, and HOW to do it, let me explain to you some things NOT to do.  If you are currently or plan to be in correspondence with any woman from ANY foreign country, and she asks you to send her money…………….RUN very fast in the opposite direction.  This is your FIRST hint that she is running a scam.  Search for her name on the Internet using a good search engine.  If she’s scammed other people before, her name might pop up on a “black list.”

A “black list” is a place where you can read all about who she scammed, how she scammed them, and how much it cost the person who got scammed.  You know, there MIGHT be some legitimate reason for a woman to ask a man to send her money over the Internet………………….AFTER you know who you are dealing with.  I would never recommend sending money to a woman unless you have actually met her face-to-face, unless you know people who know her and you are very secure in their trustworthiness.

Let me make it clearly understood, that she may tell you how difficult life is for her in Russia, including from a financial prospective.  This does NOT mean she is asking you for money, she is just telling you how it is for her.  Most single women in Russia work, and some of them work more than one job to make ends meet.  Many of them share apartments with their parents or with their children, because multiple incomes in one household make life a little easier.

A good Russian woman will never ASK you for anything, and she will be happy with very small gifts.  Even small gifts mean a lot to a Russian woman, because a lot of them don’t have much.

The standards of living and economies are very diverse from big cities like Moscow, to smaller cities, like for example, Yoshkar-Ola.  I tell you these two cities, because I have been to both of them.

My own search began around December 2006.  I found an ad on the Internet on a site that advertised “The Best Russian and Ukranian Women.”  Of course, in order to communicate with any of them, at this site you are required to pay.  I happened to find one ad where perhaps accidentally, the ladies personal e-mail address showed up in her profile.  Evidently, the people who run the website didn’t catch it.  So, I sent her an e-mail, and to my surprise she responded.  All seemed well and normal for a while, and we just told each other about our work, our hobbies, our families, and the cities where we lived, etc., etc.

After about the fourth e-mail she told me she wanted to meet me in the USA and asked me to send her $200.00 for a tourist Visa.  Well, I had already read enough to know that it is virtually impossible for a single Russian woman to get a Visa to come to the United States on her own.  I sent her an e-mail telling her that, which she basically ignored.  The next attempt to get money was telling me how urgently she wanted to be able to correspond with me (verbally), so she asked for $200.00 to purchase a cellular phone.  I offered to send her a second cellular phone that I already had which I offered to equip with a Russian SIM card, which she politely refused, giving many excuses why that wouldn’t work.  (Actually, it wouldn’t have worked, because Russian cellular phone operate on a different frequency that older American and European cellular phones).   She claimed that she had no phone at her home, which is unlikely.  After multiple requests, she did finally give me her home mailing address, and I did send her a letter, and I know that she received it because she told me in an e-mail what the contents were, which I didn’t tell her in advance.

Next she told me she had an automobile accident while driving her friend’s car and she needed $800.00 to pay the medical expenses of the person that she hit.  She had sent me some pictures of herself and her friend, who she identified as Svetlana (Sveta).  Her name was Alena.  So, I thought I will write to her with another e-mail address that doesn’t identify me by name and pretend to be someone else who is interested in her and see what happens.  I got an e-mail reply from her friend Svetlana, but of course the pictures Svetlana sent me looked nothing like the girl that she had identified as Svetlana in the pictures that she had sent me.

Finally, I told Alena that I wanted to send to her some flowers and I would like her picture taken when she received them.  She told me something like she didn’t want to “feel like produce on a grocery store shelf.”  OK, to be honest, I don’t really understand that analogy, but I think she didn’t want to have her photograph taken because she wasn’t who she said she was.

Lots of these scammers aren’t even women, they are men.  Some are university students studying English.  Scamming people not only gives them an income, it also provides them with an opportunity to improve their English language skills.  So BE CAREFUL!!!!

The website where I learned about this lady, writes in their homepage that if a woman on their site asks for money to notify them and they will remove her profile.  Well, guess what?  I wrote to them TWICE and her profile is STILL there two years later.  Any legitimate agency will remove a ladies profile immediately if they are notified that she (he) is trying to run a scam.
In the interim, I had begun to correspond with another lady in Russia.  I knew this lady was for real, because she was recommended to me by a friend who already had a Russian wife.  This lady was a friend of his wife.  So, I corresponded with her for several months both by e-mail and by phone with the help of a friend where I work who speaks Russian. 

So, now when you are beginning the process of getting acquainted with a Russian lady who you have not yet met yet, there are some things that you should know.  In Russia a very important holiday for Russian Lady’s is International Women’s Day, which is on March 8th.  If you want to earn favorability with your lady, it would be a nice idea to send her some flowers on this day…………..BUT, do NOT send a dozen or any even number of flowers, because she will be insulted.  In Russian even numbers of flowers are given for funerals.  Send to her 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 flowers.  If you know what her favorite flower is that is even better.

Well, “How do I send her flowers, you might ask.”  First, you might send them through the agency where you her.  Another reliable way to send flowers is Russian Flora. They will also take a picture of the lady receiving the flowers at a small additional charge.

If you are planning a trip to Russia from USA, you will need a Visa for your stay also.  I recommend using the services of for the purpose of acquiring your Visa.  Almost everything can be done on the Internet, except you will have to send your passport to their offices with some passport sized photos of yourself, so the Visa can be attached to your passport.

Three reputable agencies in Russia are:

1:  This company is also tied in with Virginia Travel which can help with arrangements when/if you decide to travel to Russia.  I have personally met and been with two of the interpreters and two of the managers that worked at this agency during my stay in Yoshkar-Ola. I also dated four different woman from this agency. And yes, there is a REAL office with REAL people and ALL of the women that you find at this website are REAL women, all of whom have actually been in the office and been interviewed face-to-face by the agency.  This agency also has apartments available for rental during your stay.  This will probably be cheaper than to stay in a hotel.

2:  Next, is   I can also attest that this is a REAL agency with REAL employees and REAL ladies who are in search of foreign husbands.  I rented an apartment from the owner of this agency twice during my stays in Yoshkar-Ola, and I also met a lady who met her husband through this agency.  I also met the English instructor who is affiliated with this agency.

4:  If you are lucky enough to actually know the ladies address, you can also order flowers/candies/perfumes/gifts thorough   I can also vouch for the integrity of this company, as I have used their services.  I know that they have delivered as promised.  They are a bit on the expensive side, but sometimes reliability is worth the extra price.

5:  Also, a good resource for learning about Russian traditions, customs, what to expect from a Russian woman, etc is  Most of what is written her is from people who have been there and know how a Russian woman thinks/acts.

6.  Take advantage of using Forums on the Internet that are devoted to men who are looking for or have already found their lady in Russia.  You can gain a lot of important information from people who have been there and who have met Russian ladies, become engaged to Russian ladies, or married Russian ladies.

Also, it is a good idea to know when her birthday is.  And of course don’t forget Valentine’s Day.  Also, she may like some chocolates or some champagne on a special occasion. Another big holiday for women in Russia is International Women’s Day.  This holiday is celebrated on March 8th.  If you check out the internet, this holiday actually started because of a women’s protest about working conditions for women in America, and we don’t even celebrate the holiday here.

Chances are if you make a journey to Russia, you might fly into Moscow.  If you are flying on an international flight, you will land at SVO-2.  This is a relatively small airport, in comparison to JFK or LAX, but if you don’t know any Russian, it is a good idea to employ the services of one of the companies that can provide translators to meet you at the airport.  Not many of the signs are even in English at this point.  When I left Moscow, the didn’t even make the announcement in English that my flight was boarding for departure.

Of course there are other major international airports in other big cities such as St. Petersburg.  There is a smaller airport in Kazan, so you may fly through DME in Moscow and transfer to Siberia Airways to Kazan.  Depending on where you final destination is, you may be taking a train from Moscow.  There are at least four train stations in Moscow, and trains go from there to most other major cities in Russia.  They also go to some foreign countries from there.

Don’t carry a lot of cash with you, and make sure that when you get to Moscow, you change your currency to Rubles.  Or even better, change some of it before you depart the US.  You will find a currency exchange kiosk in almost any international airport in the US.

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